Lone Pilgrim

Composer: Uncertain

Bob Dylan

info World Gone Wrong, Bob Dylan, 1993


The Doc Watson Family, Doc Watson, 1963
Family Apostalic, Family Apostalic, 1969
Library of Congress Recordings, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1972
Place to Be: Fox Hollow 10th Aniversary, Vol 1, Various Artists (Martha Beers Nagler), 1975
Sweet Rivers, Jean Ritchie, 1981
Harmony Pie, Harmony Sisters, 1981
The Walls of Time, Peter Rowan, 1982
Tree On A Hill, Peter Rowan and the Rowan Brothers, 1994
Never Grow Old, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen, 1994
Good News, Robin & Linda Williams, 1995
New Plowed Ground, Dwight Diller, 1998
Sacred Voices: An A Capella Gospel Collection, Various Artists (Rowan Brothers), 1999
Doc Watson at Gerdes Folk City, Doc Watson, 2001
Free Country, Joel Harrison, 2003
Reason And Rhyme, Kathy Kallick, 2004
Shaken by a Low Sound, Crooked Still, 2006
info Muddy Roads, David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, 2013


A variation of the song occurs with the title White Pilgrim.

Authorship uncertain. Some recordings are credited to B.F. White, some to B.F. White and Adger M. Pace, some to William Walker. White Pilgrim sometimes credited to Rev. Jonathan Ellis. Also occurs as Traditional or Public Domain.

Mentioned at least as early as 1847.

Dec 2003