I Will Take You Home
Composer: Brent Mydland / John Perry Barlow

I Will Take You Home was performed over 30 times in a 2 year period from June 1988 to July 1990.

Grateful Dead

info Built To Last, Grateful Dead, 1989
info Dozin' At The Knick, Grateful Dead, 1996
info Terrapin Station (Limited Edition), Grateful Dead, 1997
info Nightfall Of Diamonds, Grateful Dead, 2001
info Beyond Description, Grateful Dead, 2004
info Truckin' Up To Buffalo, Grateful Dead, 2005
info Truckin' Up To Buffalo (DVD), Grateful Dead, July 2005
info Spring 1990 (The Other One), 2014
info 30 Trips Around The Sun Box Set, 2015
info July 12 & 13, 1989, Washington, DC, 2017

Other recordings

info Barlow Shanghai: Live, Mr. Blotto, 2006
info I Will Take You Home, Aaron Gibson (single), 2012

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