I Will Love You
Composer: Greg Anton / Robert Hunter

One of 4 songs with lyrics by Robert Hunter on the Gregg's Eggs album.

Greg Anton released a late 1980s recording of I Will Love You as a digital single in 2021. At the time of the release of this single Greg Anton commented on the song:

Of interest regarding the songwriting process: most songs that Hunter gave me had multiple verse/chorus/bridges that we mixed and matched. One example; when I gave Hunter music for the Zero song 'Chance in a Million', he gave me 6 or 8 verses/choruses, maybe more. The final version of the song is 3 verses, one chorus and a bridge. With the song 'I will Love You', I played Hunter the music on his piano, the next day he sent me the words, we didn't change one word or one note.
Anton also commented on the song his website:
A poignant love ballad and most unusual Hunter lyric. Iíve often thought that many people would find it hard to believe that these are Robert Hunter lyrics. The verses are classic Hunter oblique poignancy, but the choruses are a straight shooter at the heart.


info Zero Blues, Zero, 1991
info Gregg's Eggs, Gregg's Eggs, 2001
info Sweetwater & Eggs, Gregg's Eggs, 2002
info I Will Love You, Greg Anton, 2021

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