Hooker's Ball
Composer: Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter comments on this song in Box Of Rain: Lyrics 1965 - 1993;
The official theme for the final Hooker's Ball in 1978. The San Francisco city council decided such an annual event was unseemly and refused to rent it's Brook's Hall facility to Margo St. James's COYOTE prostitutes' support group anymore. A commercial venture called the Exotic Erotic Ball has taken it's place and seems to be OK with them.
At some Comfort shows Hunter introduces the song as Walkin' The Block. This alternate title is sometimes used on set lists.

Hooker's Ball was due to be included on the Robert Hunter Alligator Moon album in 1978 but this album was not released. The first appearance of the song was therefore on the compilation Promontory Rider.

Robert Hunter

info Promontory Rider: A Retrospective Collection, Robert Hunter, 1982

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