Great Rain
Composer: John Prine / Mike Campbell

Great Rain was performed by Bob Weir & Wolf Bros in 2019.

In a brief piece to camera that was posted on John Prine's YouTube channel Bob Weir spoke about Great Rain:

Hi, I'm Bobby Weir and I've been asked to name my favorite John Prine song and also why. And so my current favorite John Prine song is Great Rain and that's because he says he's gonna write a new verse for me and maybe even a bridge that he doesn't know about yet - because it doesn't get better than John Prine.

Bob Weir

no info 03/21/19 The Pageant, Saint Louis, MO, Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, 2019

John Prine

no info The Missing Years, John Prine, 1991
no info Single (Picture Show / Great Rain), John Prine, 1992

Other recordings

no info America's Child, Shemekia Copeland, 2018
no info Lucerne Blues Festival 2019, Various Artists (Shemekia Copeland), 2019

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