The Frozen Logger
Composer: James Stevens / Ivar Haglund

The Frozen Logger was performed 8 times by the Grateful Dead. The majority of these were in 1970 with subsequently just single performances in 1971, 1972 and 1985.

The Frozen Logger was copyrighted by Stevens and Haglund in 1947. The song was performed by Haglund on radio and first recorded by Earl Robinson. The text was published in James Stevens Bunk Shanty Ballads and Tales and in A Treasury Of Western Folklore in 1951.

Grateful Dead

info Dave's Picks Vol. 3: Chicago, 22/10/71, 2012
info Dave's Picks Vol 24: Berkeley, 8/25/72, 2017

Other recordings

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no info Single (A-Round The Corner (Beneath The Berry Tree) / The Frozen Logger), The Weavers, 1952 (UK)
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The lyrics of the song are from James Stevens Bunk Shanty Ballads and Tales;

As I set down one evening in a timber town café
A six foot-seven waitress, to me these words did say

"I see you are a logger and not a common bum
For no one but a logger stirs his coffee with his thumb

"My lover was a logger, there's none like him today
If you'd sprinkle whisky on it, he'd eat a bale of hay

"He never shaved the whiskers from off his horny hide
But he'd pound 'em in with a hammer, then bite 'em off inside

"My lover came to see me one freezing winter day
He held me in a fond embrace that broke three vertebrae

"He kissed me when we parted so hard it broke my jaw
And I could not speak to tell him he'd forgot his mackinaw

"I watched my logger lover going through the snow
A sauntering gaily homeward at forty eight below

"The weather tried to freeze him, it tried it's level best
At a hundred degrees below zero, he buttoned up his vest

"It froze clean down to China, it froze to the stars above
At one thousand degrees below zero it froze my logger love

"They tried in vain to thaw him and if you'll believe me, sir
They made him into ax blades to chop the Douglas fir

"That's how I lost my lover and to this caffay I come
And here I wait till someone stirs his coffee with his thumb

"And then I tell my story of my love they could not thaw
Who kissed me when we parted so hard he broke my jaw."

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