Don't Bogart That Joint / Don't Bogart Me

Composer: Elliot Ingber


Fraternity of Man, Fraternity of Man, 1968
Easy Rider, Original Soundtrack, Various Artists (Fraternity Of Man), 1969
The Last Record Album (CD reissue only), Little Feat, 1988
Marijuana's Greatest Hits Revisited, Various Artists (Bushmen), 1993
San Francisco Sound: Then & Now, Vol. 1, Various Artists (Franternity Of Man), 1994
X, Fraternity of Man, 1995
Feel the Buzz: Hit Time, Various Artists (Little Feat), 1998
Hempilation, Vol. 2: Free the Weed, Various Artists (Blackwater Surprise), 1998
Smashed Hits, Opie Handrix, 2002
Waiting for Columbus (Expanded version only), Little Feat, 2002
Easy Rider Soundtrack (Expanded version), Various Artists (Fraternity Of Man), 2004
Easton MD: May 5, 2004, Little Feat, 2004
Ocean City, NJ: August 2, 2004, Little Feat, 2004
Omaha, NE: August 31, 2004, Little Feat, 2004
Portland, OR: March 12, 2005, Little Feat, 2005
Killington, VT: April 10, 2005, Little Feat, 2005
Collingswood, NJ: April 13, 2005, Little Feat, 2005
Ottawa, Canada: June 29, 2005, Little Feat, 2005
Peekskill, NY: October 22, 2005, Little Feat, 2005
Rad Gumbo: The Complete Warner Bros. Years 1971-1990, Little Feat, 2014


Performed by Phil & Friends.

The Fraternity Of Man version of the song was called Don't Bogart Me. The Little Feat version, and subsequent versions presumably inspired by that, was called Don't Bogart That Joint.

Elliot Ingber played with The Mothers in the mid-1960's before forming Fraternity Of Man. Don't Bogart Me was first released on the debut Fraternity Of Man LP and subsequently included on the Easy Rider soundtrack. Later he briefly played with Little Feat and with Captain Beefheart (as Winged Eel Fingerling).

The Little Feat version of the song was originally intended for inclusion on Waiting For Columbus but was not on the initial release version of the album. It was first released as a bonus track on the CD release of The Last Record Album and was subsequently on the expanded release of Waiting For Columbus.