Blue Mule
Composer: Peter Rowan

Blue Mule was performed by Old & In The Way in 1973.

Blue Mule is based on the Bill Monroe song Molly And Tenbrooks. The Monroe song is an arrangement of a Kentucky folk song which is thought to date from 1884. It describes a 4 mile race held at Churchill Downs in 1878 between Molly McCarthy and Ten Broeck. More information about Molly And Tenbrooks and a list of recordings of the song can be found on the Molly And Tenbrooks page.

In the Peter Rowan song the Blue Mule defeats both Molly and Tenbrooks.

Old & In The Way

info Breakdown, Old & In The Way, 1997
info 10/8/73 The Boarding House, San Francisco, Old & In The Way, 2008
info Live At The Boarding House: The Complete Shows, Old & In The Way, 2013


info Muleskinner: A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam, Muleskinner, 1974

Other recordings

info Riding With The Wind, Stone Oak, 1981
info Haywire, Haywire, 1984

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