Alice D. Millionaire
Composer: Jerry Garcia / Bill Kreutzmann / Phil Lesh / Ron McKernan / Bob Weir

Alice D. Millionaire was performed a handful of times by the Grateful Dead toward the end of 1966. The song was not released until its inclusion on the expanded version of the first Grateful Dead album that was included in the Golden Road box set.

Alice D. Millionaire is sometimes referred to on set lists as No Time To Cry.

The title of the song references a newspaper headline about Owsley Stanley III.

Grateful Dead

info The Golden Road (1965-1973), Grateful Dead, 2001
info The Grateful Dead, Grateful Dead, 2003 expanded CD only
info Complete Studio Rarities Collection, Grateful Dead, 2013


info March 26, 2011, New York, NY

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