Vintage Recordings 1948-1956

The Mayfield Brothers

Initial release : 2006



  • I'm Knockin' on Your Door (Mayfield)
  • Arizona Moon (Green / Shirley)
  • Midnight Ramble (Rakes)
  • When You Go, Don't Write to Me (Mayfield)
  • Poison Love (Anglin / Wright)
  • Cotton Eyed Joe (Traditional)
  • The Old Hometown (Flatt)
  • Mother Was Called Away (Mayfield)
  • Lonely Heart Blues (Mayfield)
  • My One and Own (Mayfield)
  • High Plains Breakdown (Mayfield)
  • On and On (Monroe)
  • Rocky Mountain Goat (Mayfield)
  • Just a Little Talk with Jesus (Derricks)
  • Pardon My Whiskers While I Kiss You Goodnight (Raney)
  • Sawing on the Strings (Compton)
  • Bill Cheatham (Traditional)
  • Holiday for Love (Peddy / Pierce / Walker)
  • Black Mountain Rag (Traditional)
  • Where Could I Go But to the Lord? (Coats)
  • I Have Found the Way (Monroe)
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