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Tragic Songs of Life

The Louvin Brothers

Initial release : 1956


This album has subsequently been released on a number of labels.


  • Kentucky (Davis)
  • I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (Carter)
  • Let Her Go, God Bless Her (Traditional)
  • What Is Home Without Love (Traditional)
  • A Tiny Broken Heart (Hill / Louvin / Louvin)
  • In the Pines (Riggs)
  • Alabama (Hill / Louvin / Louvin)
  • Katie Dear (Bolick)
  • My Brother's Will (Nelson)
  • Knoxville Girl (Traditional)
  • Take the News to Mother (Callahan / Callahan / Caloway)
  • Mary of the Wild Moor (Turner)
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This album was subsequently included on the 2-on-1 release;

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