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Traditional Bluegrass

Vern Williams Band

Initial release : 2004


Tracks / Musicians

  • Roll On Buddy (Wilburn / Wilburn)
  • Close By (Little Robert / Monroe)
  • Montana Cowboy (Guthrie)
  • I'm On My Way Back to the Old Home (Monroe)
  • Happy I'll Be (Park / Williams)
  • Live and Let Live (Sullivan / Walker)
  • Bald Knob, Arkansas (Louvin / Louvin)
  • When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall (Prince)
  • I Hear a Choo Choo Coming (Stanley)
  • Can't You Hear Me Callin' (Monroe)
  • Traveling the Highway Home (Bailes / Bailes)
  • Love Me Darling Just Tonight (Malone / Rakes)
  • In Despair (Arh)
  • I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky (Monroe)
  • Darling Nellie Across the Sea (Traditional)
  • Pig in a Pen (Public Domain)
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