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Tom Troccoli's Dog

Tom Troccoli's Dog

Initial release : 1985

SST Records

One song on this album, Davo's Boogie, includes a Grateful Dead reference. On the original vinyl release the words "Comin' Around" were etched into the run off groove on side one. "Into The Circle" was etched onto side two


Side A;

  • Suicide (Troccoli)
  • Orcanese Farethewell (Troccoli)
  • Davo's Boogie (Claassen / Ginn / Troccoli)
  • Katie & Elmo (Claassen / Ginn / Troccoli)
  • So Long (Troccoli)
  • Slow Dancing (Brennan / Troccoli)
Side B;
  • Girl from the North Country (Dylan)
  • Play With Your Poodle (Hopkins)
  • Camarillo (Troccoli)
  • Todo Para Mi (Dukowski / Troccoli)
  • Patience (Krikun / Troccoli)

  • Tom Troccoli - guitar, vocals
  • Greg Ginn - bass
  • David (Davo) Claassen - drums
Other credits

  • Producer - Greg Ginn
  • Recording engineer - Michael Boshears
  • Cover drawing - Dennes Boon
  • Photograph - Michael Hyatt
  • Recorded on April 1st & 2nd 1985 at Mystic Studios

The lyrics for Davo's Boogie include the following lines;

Woke up this mornin' went to grab a bite eat
Wrapped my filthy sneakers around my stinking feet
Pulled my Dead T-Shirt on over my head
Then I tried to stand up and fell back into bed

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