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Steve Miller Band (Box Set)

Steve Miller Band

Initial release : 1994

Capitol 89826

A 3 CD collection of, mainly, Steve Miller Band music from 1968 to 1993. Also includes some recordings of Miller as a child.


  • Child's Medley (Miller)
  • Les Paul and Steve (Age 5) (Conversation)
  • T-Bone Walker (Steve's House 1952) (Walker)
  • Candy Cain (1958) (Miller)
  • Met a Little Girl on Her Way to School (Reed)
  • Children of the Future (Miller)
  • Living in the U.S.A. (Miller)
  • Space Cowboy (Miller/Sidran)
  • Going to Mexico (Miller/Scaggs)
  • My Dark Hour (Miller/Ramona)
  • Stepping Stone (Scaggs)
  • Fannie Mae (Brown)
  • Going to the Country (Miller)
  • Little Girl (Miller)
  • Shu Ba da du Ma Ma Ma Ma (Miller)
  • Jackson-Kent Blues (Miller)
  • Your Saving Grace (Davis)
  • Kow Kow Calqulator (Miller)
  • Seasons (Miller/Sidran)
  • Baby's House (Hopkins/Miller)
  • Journey from Eden (Miller)
  • Baby's Callin' Me Home (Scaggs)
  • LT's Midnight Dream (Turner)
  • Quicksilver Girl (Miller)
  • Song for Our Ancestors (Miller)
  • Harmony of the Spheres (Allred)
  • Space Intro. (Miller)
  • Fly Like an Eagle (Miller)
  • Wild Mountain Honey (McCarty)
  • Serenade (McCarty/Miller)
  • Dance, Dance, Dance (Cooper/Cooper/Miller)
  • Take the Money and Run (Miller)
  • Rock 'N Me (Miller)
  • Jungle Love (Douglass/Miller/Turner)
  • Swingtown (McCarty/Miller)
  • Threshold (Allred/Miller)
  • Jet Airliner (Pena)
  • The Joker (Curtis/Ertegun/Miller)
  • Who Do You Love (Davis/Miller)
  • Abracadabra (Miller)
  • Give It Up (Miller)
  • The Stake (Denny)
  • Out of the Night (Davis/Miller)
  • One in a Million (Miller)
  • True Fine Love (Miller)
  • Winter Time (Miller)
  • Rock It (Miller/Schon)
  • Come on in My Kitchen (Payne)
  • Evil (Miller)
  • Mercury Blues (Douglas/Geddins)
  • The Lovin' Cup (Miller)
  • Behind the Barn (Miller)
  • I Want to Make the World Turn Around (Miller)
  • Sacrifice (Cooke/Dudek)
  • Slinky (Miller)
  • Nobody But You (Miller)
  • I Wanna Be Loved (Reed)
  • Caress Me Baby (Reed)
  • Sweet Maree (Miller)
  • Born to Be Blue (Torme/Wells)
  • God Bless the Child (Herzog/Holiday)
  • When Sunny Gets Blue (Fisher/Segal)
  • C.C. Rider/All Blues (Traditional)
  • Maelstrom (Douglass)
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