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Starring Charlie Allen

Pacific Gas & Electric

Initial release : 1973

Dunhill DSX-50157

The sixth Pacific Gas & Electric LP.


  • Gumbo Jones (Allen/Hill/Michlin)
  • Roll Georgia (Allen/Hill/Michlin)
  • Somebody You Love (Dino/Sembello)
  • Hold On (Allen/Hill/Michlin)
  • Dancin' in the Fire (Allen/Hill/Michlin)
  • Good Gospel Music (Allen/Hill/Michlin)
  • Hear the Trumpets Calling (Allen/Hill)
  • Some Kind of Feelin' (Allen/Hill/Michlin)
  • I Got a Thing About You, Baby (White)
  • Sunshine Embrace (Allen)
  • Niggers in the Woods (Allen/Hill/Michlin)

Musicians include;

  • Charlie Allen - vocals
  • John Hill - keyboards, guitar
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