Stanley Series, Vol. 4 #1

The Stanley Brothers

Initial release : 1996

Copper Creek


  • Dickenson County Breakdown (Stanley)
  • Orange Blossom Special (Rouse)
  • Crazy Arms (Mooney / Seals)
  • Hard Times (Stanley)
  • Nobody's Love Is Like Mine (Stanley)
  • Cry from the Cross (Masters)
  • Fling Ding (Stanley)
  • Say You'll Take Me Back (Stanley)
  • Big Tilda (Stanley)
  • Baby Girl (Stanley)
  • Little Glass of Wine (Stanley / Stanley)
  • Little Birdie (Traditional)
  • Black Mountain Rag (Traditional)
  • Just a Little Talk With Jesus (Derricks)
  • A Voice from on High (Mauldin / Monroe)
  • Rawhide (Monroe)
  • I Just Got Wise (Stanley)
  • Hard Times (Stanley)
  • Carroll County Blues (Traditional)
  • White Dove (Stanley / Stanley)
  • Could You Love Me One More Time (Stanley)
  • Cry from the Cross (Masters)
  • Drifting Too Far from the Shore (Monroe Brothers)
  • Rabbit in the Log (Traditional)
  • Boil Dem Cabbage Down (Traditional)
  • A Parting Cry from Tennessee Mort (Traditional)

  • Original recording - Mike Seeger
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