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Sing Me Back Home/Bonnie & Clyde

Merle Haggard

Initial release : 2006


2-on-1 CD release plus two bonus tracks


  • Sing Me Back Home (Haggard)
  • Look Over Me (Haggard)
  • The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp (Frazier)
  • Wine Takes Me Away (Collins, Haggard)
  • If You See My Baby (Miller, Morris)
  • Where Does the Good Times Go (Owens)
  • I'll Leave the Bottle on the Bar (Haggard)
  • My Past Is Present (Haggard, Stewart)
  • Home Is Where a Kid Grows Up (Haggard)
  • Mom and Dad's Waltz (Frizzell)
  • Good Times (Haggard)
  • Seeing Eye Dogs (Haggard)
  • News Break (Strangers) *
  • The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde (Haggard, Owens)
  • Is This the Beginning of the End? (Lewis, Mize, Stewart)
  • Love Has a Mind of Its Own (Frazier)
  • The Train Never Stops (Frazier)
  • Fool's Castle (Collins)
  • Will You Visit Me on Sundays? (Frazier)
  • My Ramona (Haggard)
  • Today I Started Loving You Again (Haggard, Owens)
  • Money Tree (Walker)
  • You've Still Got a Place in My Heart (Payne)
  • Because You Can't Be Mine (Haggard)
  • A Picture from Two Sides of Life (Collins) *
* bonus non-LP tracks

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