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(Now usually called Santana III


Initial release : 1971

Columbia 30595

The third Santana LP. The last album to be recorded by the core members of the original 60s line-up of the band.

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  • Batuka (Areas/Brown/Carabello/Rolie/Shrieve)
  • No One to Depend On (Carabello/Escovedo/Rolie)
  • Taboo (Areas/Rolie)
  • Toussaint l'Overture (Areas/Brown/Carabello/Rolie/Santana/Shrieve)
  • Everybody's Everything (Brown/Moss/Santana)
  • Guajira (Areas/Brown/Reyes)
  • Jungle Strut (Ammons)
  • Everything's Coming Our Way (Santana)
  • Para los Rumberos (Puente)
Bonus tracks on recent CD releases. Live recordings from the Fillmore West, July 4, 1971;
  • Batuka (Areas/Brown/Carabello/Rolie/Shrieve)
  • Jungle Strut (Ammons)
  • Gumbo (Rolie/Santana)

Santana musicians;

  • Jose Chepito Areas - timbales, conga, percussion, drums, flugelhorn, vocals
  • David Brown - bass
  • Mike Carabello - conga, percussion, tambourine, vocals
  • Gregg Rolie - organ, piano, vocals
  • Carlos Santana - guitar, vocals
  • Neal Schon - guitar
  • Michael Shrieve - vibes, percussion, drums
A special thanks to our sisters and brothers;
  • Coke Escovedo - percussion, background vocals (on all tracks)
  • Rico Reyes - vocals (on Guajira), background vocals (Toussaint L'Overture, Para Las Rumberos and No One To Depend On)
  • Tower of Power horn section - horns (on Everybody's Everything)
  • Luis Gasca - trumpet (on Para Los Rumberos)
  • Linda Tillery - background vocals (on Everybody's Everything and Everything Is Coming Our Way)
  • Mario Ochoa - piano (on Guajira)
  • Greg Errico - tambourine (on No One To Depend On)

  • Producer - Santana musicians
  • Engineer - Glen Kolotkin
  • Recordist - Mike Larner
  • Engineering (Guajira and Jungle Strut) - David Brown, Glen Kolotkin
  • There is no way to express our appreciation for the constant feeling of inspiration brought to us by Coke Escovedo. Thank you.
  • Muchas gracias tambien a - Stan Marcum, Ron Simone Estrada, Herbie, Juan Zopilate Villanueva, Rachel Milstein, Joaquin Zopilate Villanueva, Joan Chase, Bob Ramos
  • Album design - Heavy Water Light Show / Joan Chase and Mary Ann Mayer