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San Francisco Girls: The Best Of Fever Tree

Fever Tree

Initial release : 1993?


A compilation of Fever Tree tracks.

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  • Imitation Situation 1 (Toccata and Fugue) (Holtzman / Holtzman / Landes / Bach)
  • San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) (Holtzman / Holtzman / Michael)
  • Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do) (Pickett / Cropper)
  • Man Who Paints the Pictures (Holtzman / Holtzman)
  • Filigree and Shadow (Holtzman / Holtzman)
  • The Sun Also Rises (Holtzman / Holtzman)
  • Unlock My Door (Holtzman / Holtzman / Landes)
  • Come With Me (Rainsong) (Holtzman / Holtzman / Landes)
  • Death Is the Dancer (Holtzman / Holtzman / Landes)
  • Grand Candy Young Sweet (Davis)
  • Peace of Mind (Woods)
  • Love Makes the Sun Rise
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • Time Is Now
  • Girl Don't Push Me
  • Hey Mister

  • Rob Landes - piano, organ, harpsichord, clavinette, flute, harp, cello
  • Dennis Keller - vocals
  • John Tuttle - drums, percussion
  • E.E. Wolfe - bass
  • Michael Knust - guitar, vocals

  • David Angel - strings, horns
  • Gene Page - strings, horns

  • Original producer - Scott Holtzman, Vivian Holtzman, Mike Leitz
  • Original engineer - Walter Andrus, Frank Davis
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