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Pulsating Dream


Initial release : 2004

Acadia 8059

A 3 CD set of the Kaleidoscope recordings from the 1967 to 1970 period of their original existence.


  • Egyptian Gardens (Feldthouse)
  • If the Night (Darrow)
  • Hesitation Blues (Poole)
  • Please (Feldthouse/Freedman)
  • Keep Your Mind Open (Darrow)
  • Pulsating Dream (Darrow)
  • Oh Death (Reedy)
  • Come on In
  • Why Try (Lindley)
  • Minnie the Moocher (Calloway/Gaskill/Mills)
  • Elevator Man (Feldthouse)
  • Little Orphan Nannie (Crill / Darrow)
  • I Found Out (Shackleford)
  • Greenwood Sidee (Traditional)
  • Life Will Pass You By (Darrow)
  • Taxim (Kaleidoscope)
  • Baldheaded End of a Broom (Traditional)
  • Louisiana Man (Kershaw)
  • You Don't Love Me (Cobbs)
  • Beacon from Mars (Kaleidoscope)
  • Rampé, Rampé (Kaleidoscope)
  • Nobody (Cooper, Shelby)
  • Love Games (Kaleidoscope)
  • Egyptian Candy (Kaleidoscope)
  • Hello, Trouble (Church/McDucc)
  • Just a Taste (Kaleidoscope)
  • Lie To Me (Brotman/Feldthouse/Lagos/Lindley/Parcely)
  • Let the Good Love Flow (Lindley/Smith)
  • Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
  • Petite Fleur (Tournemire)
  • Banjo (Lindley)
  • The Cuckoo (Traditional)
  • Seven-Ate Sweet (Feldthouse/Lagos/Lindley/Parcely)
  • Chocolate Whale (Feldthouse)
  • Another Lover (Lindley)
  • Sneakin' Thru the Ghetto (Crill/Lagos)
  • To Know Is Not to Be (Lagos)
  • Lulu Arfin Nanny (Brotman/Crill/Darrow/Feldthouse/Lagos/Lindley)
  • Lie and Hide (Brotman/Crill/Lagos/Lindley)
  • Ballad of Tommy Udo (Lindley)
  • Bernice (Crill)
  • Soft and Easy (Feldthouse)
  • New Blue Ooze (Brotman/Crill/Feldthouse/Lagos/Lindley)
  • Sefan (Traditional)
  • Why Try (Single Version) (Lindley)
Related releases

Egyptian Gardens, If the Night, Hesitation Blues, Please, Keep Your Mind Open, Pulsating Dream, Oh Death, Come on In, Why Try and Minnie the Moocher were originally released on;

Elevator Man was originally released on a single;
  • Please / Elevator Man, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Epic 10117
Why Try (single version) and Little Orphan Nannie was originally released on;
  • Why Try? / Little Orphan Nannie, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Epic 10219
I Found Out, Greenwood Side, Life Will Pass You By, Taxim, Baldheaded End of a Broom, Louisiana Man, You Don't Love Me and Beacon from Mars were originally released on; Rampe Rampe was originally released on a single;
  • I Found Out / Rampe Rampe, Kaleidoscope, 1968, Epic 10239
Nobody was originally released on a single;
  • Nobody (with Johnny Guitar Watson and Larry Williams) / Find Yourself Someone To Love, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Okeh 730
Hello Trouble and Just A Taste were originally released on a single;
  • Hello Trouble / Just A Taste, Kaleidoscope, 1968, Epic 10332
Lie To Me, Let the Good Love Flow, Killing Floor, Petite Fleur, Banjo, The Cuckoo and Seven-Ate Sweet were originally released on; Chocolate Whale, Another Lover, Sneakin' Thru the Ghetto, To Know Is Not to Be, Lulu Arfin Nanny, Lie and Hide, Ballad of Tommy Udo, Bernice, Soft and Easy and New Blue Ooze were originally released on; Sefan, Love Games and Egyptian Candy have only previously been released on other compilations.

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