Precise Modern Lovers Order: The Modern Lovers Live In Berkeley And Boston

The Modern Lovers

Initial release : 1994


Some of the music on this release was recorded live somewhere in Berkeley in 1972.


  • Someone I Care About (Richman)
  • Dance With Me (Richman)
  • She Cracked (Richman)
  • Hospital (Richman)
  • Womanhood (Richman)
  • Dignified and Old (Richman)
  • Girlfriend (Richman)
  • Foggy Notion (Morrison / Reed / Tucker / Weiss)
  • Ride on Down the Highway (Richman)
  • Pablo Picasso (Richman)
  • A Plea of Tenderness (Richman)
  • Walk up the Street (Richman)
  • Fly into the Mystery (Richman)
  • I'm Straight (Richman)
  • The Mixer (Richman)
  • Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Richman)
  • Roadrunner (Richman)
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