Payin' Dues

Van Morrison

Initial release : 1994



  • Brown Eyed Girl (Morrison)
  • He Ain't Give You None (Morrison)
  • T.B. Sheets (Morrison)
  • Spanish Rose (Morrison)
  • Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (Farrell / Russell)
  • Ro Ro Rosey (Morrison)
  • Who Drove the Red Sports Car? (Morrison)
  • Midnight Special (Morrison / Traditional)
  • Beside You (Morrison)
  • It's All Right (Morrison)
  • Madame George (Morrison)
  • Send Your Mind (Morrison)
  • The Smile You Smile (Morrison)
  • The Back Room (Morrison)
  • Joe Harper Saturday Morning (Morrison)
  • Chick-A-Boom (Berns, Morrison)
  • I Love You (The Smile You Smile) (Morrison)
  • Brown Eyed Girl (Morrison)
  • Twist and Shake (Morrison)
  • Shake and Roll (Morrison)
  • Stomp and Scream (Morrison)
  • Scream and Holler (Morrison)
  • Jump and Thump (Morrison)
  • Drivin' Wheel (Morrison)
  • Just Ball (Morrison)
  • Shake It Mable (Morrison)
  • Hold on George (Morrison)
  • The Big Royalty Check (Morrison)
  • Ring Worm (Morrison)
  • Savoy Hollywood (Morrison)
  • Freaky If You Got This Far (Morrison)
  • Up Your Mind (Morrison)
  • Thirty Two (Morrison)
  • All the Bits (Morrison)
  • You Say France and I Whistle (Morrison)
  • Blow in Your Nose (Morrison)
  • Nose in Your Blow (Morrison)
  • La Mambo (Morrison)
  • Go for Yourself (Morrison)
  • Want a Danish (Morrison)
  • Here Comes Dumb George (Morrison)
  • Chickee Coo (Morrison)
  • Do It (Morrison)
  • Hang on Groovy (Morrison)
  • Goodbye George (Morrison)
  • Dum Dum George (Morrison)
  • Walk and Talk (Morrison)
  • The Wobble (Morrison)
  • Wobble and Ball (Morrison)
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