One Eyed Dog

Dirk Powell, Tom Sauber, John Herrman

Initial release : 1993



  • Paddy On The Railroad
  • Lost Goose
  • Tell Her To Come Back Home
  • Hook & Line
  • Going To Town
  • Rocky Island
  • Snake Chapman's Tune
  • Bear Creek
  • Boat's Up The River
  • The Old Hen, She Cackled
  • Sally In The Garden
  • White Creek
  • Citigo
  • Mike In The Wilderness
  • Rosalee McFall
  • One Eyed Dog
  • Dan's Dream
Additional tracks on cassette release;
  • Bald Headed Judge
  • Railroad Runs Thru Georgia
  • Darker the Night (The Better I Can See)
  • Blackbird (Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies)