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The Mourning Reign EP

The Mourning Reign

Initial release : 1998?

Sundazed SEP 115

A four track EP that comprises two previously released and two previously unreleased songs.


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Our Fate
  • Light Switch
  • Cut Back

Uncertain which musicians play on these tracks. The following probably played in the group at some point during it's existence;

  • Sonny Johnson - vocals
  • Steve Canali - guitar
  • Johnny Bell - guitar
  • Jay Garrett - guitar
  • Thomas O'Bonsawin - guitar
  • Beau Maggi - vocals
  • Charlie Garden - bass
  • Craig Maggi - drums
Related releases

Two of the tracks on this compilation were originally released on a single;

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed / Our Fate, The Mourning Reign, 1966, Link-MR 1
The remaining tracks are previously unreleased.

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