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The Sons of Champlin

Initial release : 1971


A limited release album produced by the band and not distributed by a major label.


  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Kirkpatrick/Knox)
  • You Don't Love Me No More (Champlin)
  • Nice Time Being (Champlin)
  • Miles Around You (Champlin)
  • What Are We Doing Here (Sons of Champlin)
  • Lucille (Collins/Penniman)
  • Roll Out the Barrel (Traditional)
  • Yo Mama (Moitoza)
  • Uncle Mergetroid (Champlin)
  • Chico Smoke El Ropo (Sons of Champlin)
  • Instantaneous Instrumental Jam or Do... (Sons of Champlin)
  • Get High (Champlin)
  • Hey Children (Champlin)
  • Hag Backwards (Inside Outside) (Champlin)
  • Beggin' You Baby (Champlin)

Musician probably include;

  • Bill Champlin - keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • Terry Haggerty - guitar
  • Bill Bowen - drums
  • Al Strong - bass
  • Geoff Palmer - keyboards, vibes
  • Tim Caine - trumpet