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Loosen Up Naturally

The Sons of Champlin

Initial release : 1969

Capitol SWBB 200

Double LP album debut.

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  • 1982-A (Tollestrup)
  • The Thing To Do (Tollestrup)
  • Misery Isn't Free (Tollestrup)
  • Rooftop (Tollestrup)
  • Everywhere (Tollestrup)
  • Don't Fight It, Do It! (Tollestrup)
  • Get High (Tollestrup)
  • Black And Blue Rainbow (Tollestrup)
  • Hello Sunlight (Tollestrup)
  • Things Are Gettin' Better (Tollestrup)
  • Freedom (Tollestrup)
All songs were copyrighted to Steve Tollestrup, the bands roadie, to avoid repercussions of an earlier publishing deal.

On the album sleeve there is a note that says; 'All selections composed by B.B. Heavy'.

Bill Champlin has stated in an interview that he wrote all songs except Hello Sunlight.


  • Bill Champlin - guitar, keyboard, saxophone, vocals
  • Geoffrey Palmer - bass, keyboards, saxophone, vocals
  • Bill Bowen - drums
  • Tim Cain - saxophone
  • Terry Haggerty - guitar, vocals
  • Al Strong - bass

  • Producer - Bruce Walford, David Shallock
  • Engineer - Leo de Gar Kulka
  • Recorded at Golden State Recorders, San Francisco
Related releases

Two singles were released in conjunction with this LP;

  • Black And Blue Rainbow / 1982-A, The Sons Of Champlin, 1968 Capitol 2437
  • Freedom / Hello Sunlight, The Sons Of Champlin, 1969, Capitol 2534
1982-A, Everywhere, Don't Fight It, Do It!, Hello Sunlight and Black And Blue Rainbow were included on; 1982-A, Everywhere, Get High, Hello Sunlight, Black And Blue Rainbow, Things Are Gettin' Better and Freedom were included on;