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Les Sauterelles

Les Sauterelles

Initial release : 1966


Debut LP


  • Routine (Antener / Vescoli)
  • I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Clark)
  • Neon City (Scott)
  • Cheryl's Goin' Home (Lind)
  • Four Strong Winds (Tyson)
  • No No No No (Fardon / Whitcher)
  • I Love How You Love Me (Kolber / Mann)
  • Desolation Row (Dylan)
  • Every Little Thing (Lennon / McCartney)
  • Springtime (Vescoli)
  • Much Too Much (Townshend)
  • Chains of Love (Bishop / Gamble)
  • She Belongs to Me (Dylan)
  • Hey Girl (Phillips / Phillips)
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