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Greatest Hits: Steel Box Collection

Jefferson Airplane

Initial release : 2009


A 12 track compilation. Includes one track, Comin' Back To Me, with Jerry Garcia.


  • It's No Secret (Balin)
  • Come Up The Years (Balin / Kantner)
  • My Best Friend (Spence)
  • Somebody to Love (Slick)
  • Comin' Back To Me (Balin)
  • Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen)
  • White Rabbit (Slick)
  • The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil (Kantner)
  • Watch Her Ride (Kantner)
  • Crown of Creation (Kantner)
  • Greasy Heart (Slick)
  • Volunteers (Balin / Kantner)

Jefferson Airplane members;

  • Signe Anderson - vocals
  • Marty Balin - guitar, vocals
  • Jack Casady - bass, guitar
  • Spencer Dryden - percussion
  • Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals
  • Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vocals
  • Grace Slick - piano, organ, recorder, vocals
  • Skip Spence - drums
Jerry Garcia plays on Comin' Back To Me.

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