Good Morning, Friend

Druha Trava

Initial release : 2006

Compass 4434

This album includes a cover of a song written by Peter Rowan.

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  • Good Morning, Friend (Cash)
  • Ring Them Bells (Dylan)
  • What It Is (Knopfler)
  • Hold On (Brennan / Waits)
  • Fail Farm (Malina)
  • Sitting on Top of the World (Traditional)
  • The Holy Wells or Ireland (Rowan)
  • Ossian (Malina)
  • Goin' to Acapulco (Dylan)
  • The Speedway at Nazareth (Knopfler)
  • Caurea (Novotný)
  • Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty)
  • When Death Does Us Apart (Krestan / Malina)
  • Lily of the West (Davies / Peterson)
  • Nobody Loves Anybody Anymore (Kristofferson / Swan