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God Bless the Conspiracy

McKendree Spring

Initial release : 1996

Edsel 497

This release includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song What Was Gained.


  • No Regrets (Rush)
  • Spock (Dreyfuss/McKendree)
  • Morning Glory (Beckett/Buckley)
  • Fire and Rain (Taylor)
  • Susie, Susie (Taylor)
  • Got No Place to Fall (McKendree)
  • Down by the River (Young)
  • Fading Lady (Walker)
  • Heart Like a Wheel (McGarrigle)
  • Hobo Lady (Sykes)
  • Oh, in the Morning (Guthrie)
  • God Bless the Conspiracy (Dreyfuss)
  • Light up the Skies (Dreyfuss/Woods)
  • The Man in Me (Dylan)
  • What Was Gained (Andersen)

Musicians include;

  • Michael Dreyfuss - violin, keyboards
  • Fran McKendree - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Adam Mitchell - keyboards
  • Martin Slutsky - guitar
  • Larry Tucker - bass
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