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Executioner's Last Songs, Vol 1

Jon Langford and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts

Initial release : 2002

Bloodshot Records

This album includes a cover of a song co-written by Bill Monroe and Peter Rowan. The album has the subtitle "consign songs of murder, mob-law and cruel cruel punishment to the realm of myth, memory and history!!" It was released to benefit the Illinois Death Penalty Moratorium Project.


  • Knoxville Girl (Traditional)
  • I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (Rose / Williams)
  • Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Tv Smith)
  • The Snakes Crawl at Night (Burch / Tillis)
  • Tom Dooley (Traditional)
  • The Hangman's Song (Kelley, Meyer)
  • (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone to Kill (Mayhew / Paycheck)
  • Poor Ellen Smith (Traditional)
  • Miss Otis Regrets (Porter)
  • Judgement Day (Dowd)
  • The Great State of Texas (Ligon)
  • Sing Me Back Home (Haggard)
  • Oh Death (Stanley)
  • Hanged Man (Anderson)
  • The Plans We Made (Chaney)
  • 25 Minutes to Go (Silverstein)
  • Idiot Whistle (Fitzpatrick)
  • Walls of Time (Monroe / Rowan)

The Pine Valley Cosmomauts are;

  • Steve Goulding - drumkit
  • Tom Ray - double bass, banjo, ukulele
  • Jon Langford - guitar, vocals
  • Drew Carson - mandola
  • Celine - guitar, banjo, fiddle, dobro, lap steel, bazooki, mandolin
  • Dan Massey - drums (on Tom Dooley)
  • Robert Lloyd - mandolin
  • Jon Rauhouse - banjo (on Poor Ellen Smith)
  • Amy Domingues - piano, cello (on Miss Otis Regrets)
  • Chris Scruggs - double bass
  • Chris Dettloff - drums (on I'll Never Get Out Of Thos World Alive)
  • Deanna Varagona - harmony vocals (on Walls Of Time)
  • Ken Sluiter - backing vocals (on Don't Look At The Hanged Man)
Each track has guest performers;
  • Knoxville Girl - Brett Sparks
  • I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive - Rosie Flores
  • Gary Gilmore's Eyes - Dean Schlabowske, Sally Timms, Kelly Hogan, Tracey Dear
  • The Snakes Crawl at Night - Janet Bean
  • Tom Dooley - Steve Earle
  • The Hangman's Song - Christa Meyer & Tim Kelley
  • (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone to Kill - Lonesome Bob
  • Poor Ellen Smith - Neko Case
  • Miss Otis Regrets - Jenny Toomey
  • Judgement Day - Johnny Dowd & Jon Langford
  • The Great State of Texas - Chris Ligon
  • Sing Me Back Home - Edith Frost
  • Oh Death - Diane Izzo
  • Hanged Man - Rick Cookin' Sherry
  • The Plans We Made - Sally Timms & Jon Langford
  • 25 Minutes to Go - Frankie & Johnny Navin
  • Idiot Whistle - Tony Fitzpatrick
  • Walls of Time - Paul Burch

  • Recording, mixing, mastering - Ken Sluiter
  • Additional recording - Steve Allen, Neko Case, Jon Rauhouse, Meg Giuffrida
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kingsize Sound Labs, Chicago
  • Instrumental overdubs recorded at Phlosswerx, Chicago
  • Additional vocal tracks recorded at Blue Planet Studio, Nashville; The Shop, Ithaca; Stinkpole, Chicago, Phlosswerx, Chicago and private residences
  • Paintings - Jon Langford
  • Design - M Greiner
  • Liner notes - Jonboy

  • This CD is dedicated to the life and work of Richard Cunnigham
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