The Essential Masters

The Stanley Brothers

Initial release : 2004


Single CD compilation of tracks recorded for King in the late 1950's and early 1960's.


  • How Mountain Girls Can Love (Rakes)
  • She's More to Be Pitied (Rakes)
  • Think of What You've Done (Stanley)
  • Mother's Footsteps Guide Me On (Rakes)
  • I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow (Stanley)
  • Mountain Dew (Wiseman)
  • How Far to Little Rock (Rakes)
  • Let Me Love You One More Time (Stanley)
  • Daybreak in Dixie (Stanley)
  • Lover's Quarrel (Stanley / Stanley)
  • I'd Worship You (Stanley)
  • Fast Express (Scott)
  • (Dear Girl) Can You Forgive (Stanley)
  • Little Birdie (Mainer)
  • Stone Walls and Steel Bars (Marcum / Pennington)
  • Don't Cheat in Our Home Town (Marcum / Pennington)
  • Oh Death (Reedy)
  • Rollin' on Rubber Wheels (Stanley)
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