The English and Scottish Popular Ballads: The Child Ballads, Volume I

Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd

Initial release : 1956


A double LP release.


  • Lord Randall
  • The Devil and the Ploughman
  • The Laird o' Drum
  • Herod and the Cock
  • Thomas Rhymer
  • Our Goodman
  • The Unqiet Grave
  • Minorie
  • Hind Horn
  • Eppie Morrie
  • Sir Hugh
  • The Shepherd Lad
  • Robin Hood and the Tanner
  • Richie Story
  • Get Up and Bar the Door
  • The Outlandish Knight
  • The Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie
  • The Rantin Laddie
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