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Fifty Foot Hose

Initial release : 1968

Limelight 86062

The only Fifty Foot Hose LP. Released on CD with bonus tracks in 1994 and again as Cauldron ... Plus in 1996.


  • And After (Marcheschi)
  • If Not This Time (Blossom)
  • Opus 777 (Marcheschi)
  • The Things That Concern You (Evans/Evans)
  • Opus 11 (Marcheschi)
  • Red the Sign Post (Blossom/Roswicky)
  • For Paula (Marcheschi)
  • Rose (Blossom)
  • Fantasy (Blossom)
  • God Bless the Child (Herzog/Holiday)
  • Cauldron (Blossom/Kimsey/Marcheschi)

  • David Blossom - guitar, piano
  • Nancy Blossom - vocals
  • Larry Evans - guitar, vocals
  • Terry Hansley - bass
  • Kim Kimsey - drums
  • Cork Marcheschi - electronics, sound effects

  • Producer, engineer - Dan Healy
  • Recorded at Columbus Recording, San Francisco
Related releases

Cauldron was released on CD in 1994 on the Weasel label with three additional tracks, demo versions of If Not This Time and Red the Sign Post and a pre-Fifty Foot Hose single by The Ethix.

It was released again in 1996 with additional tracks as;

Red The Sign Post was included on the compilation;
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