Maggie Holland

Initial release : 2007

Weekend Beatnik

This compilation includes a cover of a song written by Peter Rowan.


  • A Place Called England (Holland)
  • Levi Stubbs' Tears (Bragg)
  • Mad Lydia's Waltz (Rowan)
  • Black Crow (Holland)
  • Most of the Time (Dylan)
  • Living a Lie (Holland / Moore)
  • No Good at Love (May)
  • Bye Bye Bohemia (Yates)
  • A Proper Sort of Gardener (Holland / Moore)
  • Sandy Hill (Holland / Moore)
  • If I Had a Rocket Launcher (Cockburn)
  • Vandy (Traditional)
  • Coshieville (McGregor)
  • Locks & Bolts & Hinges (Dogg)
  • The Great Valerio (Thompson)
  • Never Too Late (Holland / Moore)
  • The Banks of the Nile (Traditional)
  • Perfumes of Arabia (Holland)
  • Change in the Air (Holland)
  • Time to Kill (Evans)
  • Overnight (Johnson)
  • Homunculus (Smither)
  • Look Up Look Up (Tams)
  • Old Man (Newman)
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