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Blues from Baghdad: The Very Best of Kaleidoscope


Initial release : 1993

Edsel 375

A single CD compilation of album and singles tracks from 1967 to 1969.

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  • Egyptian Gardens
  • If the Night
  • Please
  • Keep Your Mind Open
  • Pulsating Dream
  • Oh Death
  • Why Try
  • Rampe Rampe
  • I Found Out
  • Life Will Pass You By
  • Greenwood Sidee
  • Beacon from Mars
  • Lie to Me
  • Petite Fleur
  • Banjo
  • Nobody
  • Elevator Man
  • Hello Trouble
  • Cuckoo
  • Seven-Ate Sweet

  • Original concept - Andrew Lauder
  • Compiler - Pete Macklin
  • Liner notes - Chris Darrow
  • Front cover tinting - Terry Day
  • Design - Alan Price
Related releases

The Blues From Baghdad compilation was subsequently repackaged and released as;

Egyptian Gardens, If the Night, Please, Keep Your Mind Open, Pulsating Dream, Oh Death and Why Try were originally released on; Greenwood Sidee, Beacon from Mars, Taxim and Life Will Pass You By were originally released on; Lie to Me, Petite Fleur, Banjo, Seven-Ate Sweet and The Cuckoo were originally released on; Elevator Man was originally released on a single;
  • Please / Elevator Man, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Epic 10117
Nobody was originally released on a single;
  • Nobody (with Johnny Guitar Watson and Larry Williams) / Find Yourself Someone To Love, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Okeh 730
I Found Out is the single version. Rampe, Rampe was released on the same single;
  • I Found Out / Rampe Rampe, Kaleidoscope, 1968, Epic 10239
Hello Trouble was originally released on a single;
  • Hello Trouble / Just A Taste, Kaleidoscope, 1968, Epic 10332
This CD compilation comprises the contents of two earlier LP compilations, minus one track;