Big Bluegrass Special

Glen Campbell & The Green River Boys

Initial release : 1962



  • Truck Driving Man (Fell)
  • There's More Pretty Girls Than One (Delmore / Smith)
  • Weary Lonesome Blues (Delmore / Delmore)
  • No Vacancy (Stone / Travis)
  • Rainin' on the Mountain (Delmore)
  • Kentucky Means Paradise (Travis)
  • Brown's Ferry Blues (Delmore / Delmore)
  • Lonesome Jailhouse Blues (Delmore / Delmore)
  • One Hundred Miles Away from Home (West)
  • This Old White Mule of Mine (Nolan)
  • Poor Boy Lookin' for a Home (Schmidt)
  • Long Black Limousine (George / Stovall)
Bonus tracks on 2001 CD release;
  • Divorce Me C.O.D. (Stone / Travis)
  • Dark as a Dungeon (Travis)
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