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Anyway the Wind Blows: The Anthology

J.J. Cale

Initial release : 1997

Fontana Island

Vassar Clements plays on one or more tracks of this double CD collection.


  • Call Me the Breeze (Cale)
  • Crazy Mama (Cale)
  • Magnolia (Cale)
  • After Midnight (Cale)
  • Lies (Cale)
  • Changes (Cale)
  • If You're Ever in Oklahoma (Cale)
  • Midnight in Memphis (Cale)
  • Cajun Moon (Cale)
  • Rock & Roll Records (Cale)
  • Any Way the Wind Blows (Cale)
  • Crying (Cale)
  • Everlovin' Woman (Cale)
  • I Got the Same Old Blues (Cale)
  • Woke Up This Morning (Cale)
  • Cocaine (Cale)
  • The Woman That Got Away (Cale)
  • Ride Me High (Cale)
  • Hey Baby (Cale)
  • Durango (Cale)
  • I'll Make Love to You Anytime (Cale)
  • Don't Cry Sister (Cale)
  • Thirteen Days (Cale)
  • Things Ain't Simple (Cale)
  • Sensitive Kind (Cale)
  • Carry On (Cale)
  • Runaround (Cale)
  • Mama Don't (Cale)
  • City Girls (Cale)
  • Devil in Disguise (Cale)
  • You Keep Me Hangin' On (Cale)
  • Downtown L.A. (Cale)
  • A Thing Going On (Cale)
  • Don't Wait (Cale, Lakeland)
  • Wish I Had Me a Dollar (Cale)
  • Money Talks (Cale / Lakeland)
  • Hard Times (Cale)
  • People Lie (Cale)
  • Unemployment (Cale)
  • Trouble in the City (Cale)
  • Santa Cruz (Cale)
  • Shanghaid (Ashworth / Cale)
  • Change Your Mind (Cale)
  • New Orleans (Cale)
  • Humdinger (Cale)
  • Lonesome Train (Cale)
  • Jailer (Cale)
  • Artificial Paradise (Cale)
  • Long Way Home (Cale)
  • Closer to You (Cale)
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