Always in Style: A Classic Collection

John Duffey

Initial release : 2000

Sugar Hill


  • Let Me Be Your Friend (Stanley)
  • Long Black Veil (Dill / Wilkin)
  • The Old Home Town (Flatt)
  • Tennessee Blues (Monroe)
  • Rose of Old Kentucky (Monroe)
  • Walk Through This World With Me (Savage / Seamons)
  • Philadelphia Lawyer (Guthrie)
  • Were You There? (Traditional)
  • Say Won't You Be Mine (Stanley)
  • Willie Roy (Williams)
  • I Havn't Got The Right To Love (Buchanan / Claude)
  • After Midnight (Cale)
  • The Boatman (Hylton)
  • They're At Rest Together (Traditional)
  • Pictures From Life's Other Side (Traditional)
  • Hickory Wind (Buchanan / Parsons)
  • She's More To Be Pitied (Rakes)
  • Here Today And Gone Tomorrow (Fowler)
  • Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way (Clark / Southerland)
  • Girl in the Night (Thompson)
  • Life Is Like A Mountain Railway (Traditional)
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