About Time

Steve Winwood

Initial release : 2004

Wincraft Music

Bonus disc edition


  • Different Light (Winwood)
  • Cigano (For the Gypsies) (Neto, Winwood)
  • Take It to the Final Hour (Crawford, Winwood)
  • Why Can't We Live Together (Thomas)
  • Domingo Morning (Neto, Winwood)
  • Now That You're Alive (Winwood)
  • Bully (Winwood)
  • Phoenix Rising (Topley, Winwood)
  • Horizon (Winwood)
  • Walking On (Crawford, Winwood)
  • Silvia (Who Is She?) (Neto, Winwood)
2004 bonus disc;
  • Dear Mr. Fantasy (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)
  • Why Can't We Live Together
  • Voodoo Chile (Hendrix)
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