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6/22/12 Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, CO

Yonder Mountain String Band

Initial release : 2012

A concert recording available as a download from Includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song Mason's Children.


  • Yes She Do (No She Don't)
  • Sometimes I've Won
  • Corona
  • Don't You Lean On Me
  • Complicated
  • New Horizons
  • Rag Doll
  • New Horizons
  • Criminal
  • Train Bound For Gloryland
  • All The Time
  • Mason's Children
  • Out Of The Blue
  • Ramblin in the Rambler
  • Snow On The Pines
  • Ramblin' Reprise
  • Ripcord Blues
  • Left Me In A Hole
  • Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong
  • Maid of the Canyon
  • Looking Back Over My Shoulder
  • No Expectations
  • I Am The Slime
  • Sideshow Blues
  • Angel Band
  • Sharecropper's Son

  • Adam Aijala
  • Jeff Austin
  • Dave Johnston
  • Ben Kaufmann

  • plus Anders Beck, Andy Thorn, Vince Herman, Bridget Law on various songs
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