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Freddie Hubbard

Initial release : 2004


A 3 CD box set of albums originally released on the CTI label in the early 1970's.


  • Red Clay (Hubbard)
  • Delphia (Hubbard)
  • Suite Sioux (Hubbard)
  • The Intrepid Fox (Hubbard)
  • Cold Turkey (Lennon)
  • Red Clay (Hubbard)
  • Straight Life (Hubbard)
  • Mr. Clean (Irvine)
  • Here's That Rainy Day (Burke / VanHeusen)
  • First Light (Hubbard)
  • Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (McCartney / McCartney)
  • Moment to Moment (Mancini / Mercer)
  • Yesterday's Dreams (Martin / Sebesky)
  • Lonely Town (Berstein / Comden / Green)
  • Fantasy in D (Walton)
  • First Light (Hubbard)
Related releases

The 3 CDs in this set are the remastered versions of the original LPs, with in two cases bonus tracks. The original LP releases were;

  • Red Clay, Freddie Hubbard, 1970 (tracks 1-5)
  • Straight Life, Freddie Hubbard, 1970 (tracks 7-9)
  • First Light, Freddie Hubbard, 1971 (tracks 10-14)
Track 6 is a bonus track on the remastered CD release of Red Clay.

Tracks 15 and 16 are bonus tracks on the remastered CD release of First Light.

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