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Tell My Sister

Kate And Anna McGarrigle

Initial release : 2011


This 3 CD set brings together remastered versions of the first two Kate And Anna McGarrigle albums plus previously unreleased solo and due tracks and demos. David Grisman plays on two tracks (My Town and Jigsaw Puzzle of Life) of one of the source albums.


CD 1:

  • Kiss and Say Goodbye (Kate McGarrigle)
  • My Town (Anna McGarrigle)
  • Blues in D (Kate McGarrigle)
  • Heart Like a Wheel (Anna McGarrigle)
  • Foolish You (Wade Hemsworth)
  • (Talk to Me of) Mendocino (Kate McGarrigle)
  • Complainte Pour Ste Catherine (Anna McGarrigle/Philippe Tartartcheff)
  • Tell My Sister (Kate McGarrigle)
  • Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright III)
  • Jigsaw Puzzle of Life (Anna McGarrigle)
  • Go Leave (Kate McGarrigle)
  • Travellin' on for Jesus (Traditional)
CD 2:
  • Dancer with Bruised Knees (McGarrigle)
  • Southern Boys (McGarrigle)
  • No Biscuit Blues (Dumaresq / MacDermot)
  • First Born (McGarrigle)
  • Blanche Comme La Neige (Traditional)
  • Perrine Était Servante (Traditional)
  • Be My Baby (McGarrigle)
  • Walking Song (McGarrigle)
  • Naufragée du Tendre [Shipwrecked] (McGarrigle / Tatartcheff)
  • Homage a Grungie (McGarrigle)
  • Kitty Come Home (McGarrigle)
  • Come a Long Way (McGarrigle)
CD 3:
  • The Work Song (McGarrigle)
  • Come Back Baby (McGarrigle)
  • Jigsaw Puzzle of Life (McGarrigle)
  • Saratoga Summer Song (McGarrigle)
  • Annie (Tannenbaum)
  • On My Way to Town (McGarrigle)
  • Roses Blanches (McGarrigle / McGarrigle)
  • Heart Like a Wheel (McGarrigle)
  • Kiss and Say Goodbye (McGarrigle)
  • Southern Boys (McGarrigle)
  • Willie Moore (McGarrigle / McGarrigle)
  • Oliver, Remember Me? McGarrigle)
  • My Town (McGarrigle)
  • Blues In E (McGarrigle)
  • Walking Song (McGarrigle)
  • Tell My Sister (McGarrigle)
  • Over the Hill (Wainwright)
  • Come a Long Way (McGarrigle)
  • (Talk to Me of) Mendocino (McGarrigle)
  • Heart Like a Wheel (McGarrigle)
  • (Talk to Me Of) Mendocino (McGarrigle)
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CD 1 is a remastered version of:

CD 2 is a remastered version of:
  • Dancer With Bruised Knees, Kate And Anna McGarrigle, 1973
CD 3 comprises previously unreleased material.
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