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The Shroud Of

Minimal Man

Initial release : 2004


The CD version of this album includes two bonus tracks that were recorded live at the Deaf Club in San Francisco in September 1979. The original album, which does include these tracks, was released in 1981.


  • Loneliness
  • Two People
  • High Why
  • Hospital
  • Blue Step
  • Hatemonger
  • Now I Want It All
  • The Hex of Sex
  • You Are
  • I Don't Resist
  • Jungle Song
  • She Was A Visitor
  • Two Little Skeletons
  • Tired Death
  • Shower Sequence
  • He Who Falls *
  • She Was a Visitor *
* live bonus tracks recorded live at the Deaf Club



  • Patrick Miller
  • Andrew Baumer
  • Lliam Hart
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