Kris Kristofferson

Initial release : 1970


This album was re-released in 1971 with the title Me & Bobby McGee. An expanded version was released in 2001.


  • Blame It on the Stones (Kristofferson / Wilkens)
  • To Beat the Devil (Kristofferson)
  • Me and Bobby McGee (Foster / Foster / Kristofferson)
  • Best of All Possible Worlds (Kristofferson)
  • Help Me Make It Through the Night (Foster / Kristofferson)
  • The Law Is for the Protection of the People (Kristofferson)
  • Casey's Last Ride (Kristofferson)
  • Just the Other Side of Nowhere (Kristofferson)
  • Darby's Castle (Kristofferson)
  • For the Good Times (Kristofferson)
  • Duvalier's Dream (Kristofferson)
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down (Kristofferson)
Bonus tracks on expanded CD release;
  • The Junkie and the Juicehead / Minus Me (Kristofferson)
  • Shadows of Her Mind (Kristofferson)
  • The Lady's Not for Sale (Kristofferson / Pugh)
  • Come Sundown (Kristofferson)
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