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5/7/16 The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO

The Infamous Stringdusters

Initial release : 2016

Download show available from Includes covers of the Grateful Dead songs He's Gone and Scarlet Begonias.


  • The Hobo Song
  • Where The Rivers Run Cold
  • All That I Can Take
  • American Girl
  • Heady Festy
  • Well, Well
  • Keep On Trucking
  • When Silence Is The Only Sound
  • One More Bridge
  • Jackaroe
  • Road To Boulder
  • Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
  • End Of The Line
  • High Country Funk
  • When You Were Young
  • Night On The River
  • Scarlet Begonias
  • What's That Youre Doin'?
  • How Far I'd Fall
  • Blue Ridge Cabin Home
  • Home Of The Red Fox
  • If I Had A Hammer
  • The Place That I Call Home
  • He's Gone
  • Echoes Of Goodbye
  • Getting Down The Road
  • Colorado
  • I'm Head Over Heels In Love

  • Andy Hall
  • Andy Falco
  • Chris Pandolfi
  • Jeremy Garrett
  • Travis Book
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