The Folkways Years, 1955-1992: Songs of Love and Politics

Peggy Seeger

Initial release : 1993

Smithsonian Folkways

A single CD compilation of tracks recorded for Folkways between 1955 and 1992.


  • Pretty Saro (Traditional)
  • Lady, What Do You All Day? (Traditional)
  • Broomfield Hill (Seeger / Traditional)
  • The Squire and the Colic (Traditional)
  • Jellon Graeme (Seeger / Traditional)
  • Going to the West (Traditional)
  • Jane Jane (Traditional)
  • When I Was Single (Traditional)
  • The Wedding Dress Song (Traditional)
  • Freight Train (Cotten)
  • Song of Myself (Seeger)
  • First Time I Saw Your Face (MacColl)
  • My Son (Seeger)
  • Song for Calum (Seeger)
  • Little Girl Child (Seeger)
  • I'm Gonna Be an Engineer (Seeger)
  • Song of Choice (Seeger)
  • Talking Wheelchair Blues (Small)
  • Nobody Knew She Was There (MacColl)
  • Thoughts of Time (Seeger)
  • Gardens of Flowers (Scott / Seeger)
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