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Folksongs from the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Tom Paley

Initial release : 1953



  • Shady Grove
  • The Millers Song
  • The Lord By The Northern Sea
  • The Old Grey Goose
  • Banjo Pieces: Coal Creek March / O'Sullivan Mor / Old Joe Clark / White Cockade / Flop-Eared Mule
  • Guitar Pieces: Buck Dancer's Choice / Wildwood Flower
  • Jackaro
  • The Jealous Lover
  • Deep Water
  • Girl On The Green Briar Shore
  • Little Maggie

  • Producer - Jac Holzman, Kenneth S Goldstein
  • Cover art - William S Harvey
Related releases

Shady Grove, The Millers Song, The Old Grey Goose, Jackaroe, Girl On The Greenbriar Shore, Little Maggie and the Banjo Pieces were subsequently released on;

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