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Excerpts from Interviews with Dock Boggs

Initial release : 1965


Recorded excerpts of an interview with Dock Boggs condicted by Mike Seeger


  • Brief Recount of his life; Brunswick audition
  • On first learning to play and "living for the Lord"
  • In Taking Up Learning to Play a Banjo... Negro musicians
  • Playing "Straight": Plays Turkey in the Straw
  • D Tuning
  • Practicing and Timing for Record
  • Playing for a Living; Trip to New York
  • More About Learning to Play
  • Comments While Looking Over Song Text
  • More on learning to play banjo, and first "playing out"
  • About Down South Blues and Playing Blues on the Banjo
  • I never thought about playing commercially
  • Coal Creek March at Land Sale
  • Why He Left Virginia in 1928
  • About the name "Dock"
  • History of the Coal Creek March
  • Story about singing Rowan County Crew

  • Recording, editing - Mike Seeger
  • Interview transcription - John Pankake
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