A Country Legacy 1930-1939

Cliff Carlisle

Initial release : 2004


A 4 CD box set


  • A Wild Cat Woman and a Tom Cat Man
  • Memphis Yodel
  • Desert Blues
  • High Steppin' Mama
  • Rambling Yodeler
  • Dear Old Daddy
  • Seven Years with the Wrong Woman
  • Gamblin' Dan
  • Handsome Blues
  • When the Evening Sun Goes Down
  • That Great Judgement Day
  • Goodbye Old Pal
  • I Want a Good Woman
  • My Lovin' Kathleen
  • You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone (Just Because)
  • Nevada Johnny
  • There Is No More That I Can Say
  • Prepare Me O Lord
  • Roll on, Roll On
  • When It's Round Up Time in Heaven
  • Home of the Soul
  • Ash Can Blues
  • Mouse's Ear Blues
  • That Nasty Swing
  • Sal's Got a Meatskin
  • Ring Tail Tom
  • Onion Eating Mama
  • It Takes an Old Hen to Deliver the Goods
  • Shanghai Rooster Yodel
  • Chicken Roost Blues
  • Wigglin' Mama
  • Sugar Cane Mama
  • Tom Cat Blues
  • No Daddy Blues
  • My Rockin' Mama
  • Rooster Blues
  • Guitar Blues
  • It Ain't No Fault of Mine
  • Shine Your Light for Others
  • Two Eyes in Tennessee
  • The Blind Child's Prayer
  • When the Angels Carry Me Home
  • Columbus Stockade Blues
  • Shanghai Rooster
  • The Brakeman's Reply
  • Waiting for a Ride
  • Hobo's Fate
  • Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride
  • Get Her by the Tail on a Downhill Grade
  • My Travellin' Night
  • True and Trembling Brakeman
  • Hobo Blues
  • Pan American Man
  • Pay Day Fight
  • Far Beyond the Starry Sky
  • I'm Saving Saturday Night for You
  • Dang My Rowdy Soul
  • My Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
  • Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
  • Georgia Moon
  • I Don't Mind
  • I'm Sorry Now
  • Lonely Orphan Child
  • Trouble Minded Blues
  • A Mean Mama Don't Worry Me
  • Why Did It Have to Be?
  • When It's Round Up Time in Texas
  • Shine on Me
  • A Stretch of 28 Years
  • Footprints in the Snow
  • Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight
  • Going Down the Valley One by One
  • Memories That Haunt Me
  • Black Jack David
  • Going Back to Alabama
  • Lonesome for Caroline
  • Uncloudy Day
  • Broken Heart
  • Shot the Innocent Man
  • Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
  • Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  • Where My Memory Lies
  • New Memories of You That Haunt Me
  • On the Banks of the Rio Grande
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